Children’s Heart Fund

The Children’s Heart Fund, under the St. Charles Foundation, is an ongoing nonprofit program in place to assist families who have children with heart conditions and who may benefit from additional support navigating the complex world of specialized medical treatment and recovery.

The Children’s Heart Fund provides care coordination support services for families to ensure that patients can access all medical testing, treatments, and procedures needed to thrive. Support continues before, during, and after procedures, as the coordinator helps connect families with various community services. Families may need multiple medical providers, pre-procedure testing, follow-up care, and assistance navigating insurance authorization and billing. Many families need to leave Central Oregon in order to access the best care for their child. The Children’s Heart Fund has the necessary experience to ensure details don’t fall between the cracks and the process is less frustrating for parents.

In short, this organization helps families connect all of the necessary services so that the child can experience the best outcomes and have a promising future of good health. The entire Children’s Heart Center team has been closely involved with the Children’s Heart Fund since its inception.

To donate to the Children’s Heart Fund, please click here. Under “Designation,” please choose “Children’s Heart Fund.”

Greeting Cards

Children’s Heart Fund greeting cards are back by popular demand! Cards can be purchased for $5 each in our office, and all proceeds go to the Children’s Heart Fund. Please call or email us if you would like cards shipped to you.

Cards are size A2 (4.25” x 5.5), and are hand crafted by the CHCCO and Children’s Heart Fund teams, under the guidance of our multitalented Dr. Lim! They will come with a coordinating envelope and clear wrapper.

Birthday, Thank You, and Get Well cards are available year-round. Valentine’s and Holiday cards can be pre-ordered if you wish, but will not be available until January for Valentine’s Day cards, and November for Holiday cards.

Thank you so much for supporting our patients and the Children’s Heart Fund!